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Trip Itinerary.

  • ✅ Dec 31st - WooHoo! We are on our way!
  • Jan 1st - Are we there yet? Hey, what happened to New Years? 
  • Jan 2nd - 8th -  ☀️IT'S SUMMER!!!!
    Landing in Sydney, Australia
    Tour around for a few days in camper, hit some beaches, do some hiking. Good times.
  • Jan 8th - Back to Sydney for a quick visit with Duffy and Bev.
  • Jan 9th - 13th - "Second Vacation" 
    Fly to New Zealand - kayaking and hiking in Abel Tasman, explore Nelson on the last day.
  • Jan 14th - 19th - "Third Vacation"
    Fly to Wellington - Visit with Fam. Pidcock, tickle Charlie's toes and snuggle Sawyer. Explore Wellington area.
  • Jan 20th - 23rd - "Fourth Vacation"
    aka.. 'It Comes in Pints!' (Hate us yet?)  Fly to Auckland, then do the worlds fastest tour of the north island, Hobbits, glowing worms, back roads, art, Coffee (NZ is the birth place of the flat white!)
  • Jan 23rd -  "Fifth Vacation"
    (Disgusting, Isn't it ?)
    Fly back to Sydney - Meet up with Enya and Brandon at the Quay, then head to Duffy & Bevs via ferry. 😎
  • Jan 24th - 28th - Hang with Fam. Duffield/Dunbar, Check out Sydney area and attractions.
  • Jan 29th - 30th - Drive Sydney to Hunter Valley  🍷 - stay night at Hunter Valley with B & E, explore wineries, Brandon sees his first (wild) kangaroo!
  • Jan 30th - Feb 5th - "Sixth Vacation" aka ... 'Time for a  rest' @ Hawks Nest. This is true paradise. Books, beaches, hammocks, drinks, family, friends.
  • Feb 5th - Drive back to Sydney, Afternoon Down Town, Drinks at the Opera House, Ferry sunset home, pack  🍷😁 😢 🖖🏻
  • ➡️ Feb 6th - Homeward bound - a very longgggggg day.