Landed in Sydney all safe and sound.

Well, that was LONG trip! We left Kelowna at 8:20 am on Dec 31st, had a long stay over in Vancouver for the day, where we hosted visitors from our private little spot in the food court.  (Thanks Mark, Heidi, Sonya, Enya & Brandon for dropping by).

7:20 pm flight to San Fransisco, then a quick transfer (literally arrived at gate as they boarded our seating group), then the long haul to Sydney 14.5 hours....Departed at 11:20 pm, just in time for a new years drink, and then set the clocks forward to Sydney time and ... hey, what the hell happened to Monday ?

We got to see an amazing sun rise, just a perfect red circle on the black horizon... Sadly, the iPhone photo didn't do it justice at all so it will only live in our memories.

Select Image to viewSydney has this great 'e-pass Smart' system where you can scan passports into a self customs clearance, that literally took 2 minutes and we were through customs! Woohoo !

Duffy was there to meet us, and shuttle us to the camper van rental place. It was nice to get a quick visit in but we will be back at their place in a week.

We drove down the coast to an area called Shoalhaven/Nowra for our first camp spot. The picture below is from along that drive.  We were hoping to get a beach spot but the Aussies are all on holiday too and beat us to the first come, first serve spots. We found a caravan park to be our home base for 2 days as we go exploring tomorrow. As for today - a major torrent of rain for 10 min and it's beautiful again.  Day 1 and Alex has already had his Aussie-Shower outside so he's checked that box and is most pleased about that ! Me, well honestly now that we are 'home' for the day, I'm just glad to take my shoes off.

He who dies with the most Experiences wins.