Wombeyan Caves

...after driving in for 20 km on mostly washboard dirt road...we were more then READY for a drink ! We chose these caves over the more popular 'Jenolan' caves as we thought it might be more Aussies and less tourists on holiday and the gamble and drive paid off.  It was very quiet - we only had one neighbor in our camping area... a lovely family of 5 from Adelaide (Hello to Dom, Seth and Charlie !).  Apparently the campground is host to MANY kangaroos and they enjoy coming to drink at the campers water taps.  The huge iguanas and kangaroos seem to have a gentle mans agreement regarding use of the taps but the birds are not as polite ;-p  In the morning we hiked up to the Fig Tree cave and were amazed at the beauty of this natural 'architecture'.  Alex is a great photographer so hopefully the images will do it justice.  Again, there was NOBODY in the caves with us so Alex took several photos and no other people in the photos !  We also did a second hike up and then down into a limestone gorge - there was a spring fed creek so that was good to cool off before heading back.  It was very hot in the afternoon by the time we returned to camp and that sort of wiped us out for the rest of the day but a nap and soaking our clothes in cold water got us through to the evening cool off.  Alex woke up early to see that all the baby kangaroos apparently come out of the pouch for a drink early on in the day so there were 'joeys' everywhere. No pics of that as he didnt want to wake me by grabbing the camera ! -sorry folks.  Today we have driven on to Blackheath Station where we will be do some hikes in the Blue Mountains for next days.  Temperatures are high 30's so we will need to plan carefully !  Crazy that we are basically in a 50 degree temperature difference from when we left home at -11 !