WOW Museum / Nelson ...

We woke up to torrential rain this morning so we slept in abit and took it easy.
We have a super cute cottage in a hotel that is set up like an English Street. Check out this link as it has good pics of the whole place and it's pouring rain today so a 'photo tour' is just no happening !

After spending an hour on email and book work we decided to get off our butts and head into town.  We went to the WOW museum, a collection of Wearable Art and Collector Cars.  The Wearable Art is an exhibit of 'costumes' that designers enter into a competition. The competition is held like a combination cirque and fashion show with different themes.  The exhibit that we saw has a selection of items as well as many videos to demonstrate how they were displayed which was part of the attraction and beauty of the show.  The car collection is HUGE... We thought it was great that the collection was not just classics but also some lesser known vehicles that were significant either for design, engine components and/or innovation. 
We both really enjoyed the whole museum and were talking about how Heidi would have loved the fashion/clothing part and Jody would have been like a kid in a candy shop over the cars.

Afterwards we had a really yummy lunch (yay, found a good full meal with no bread !) Tonight the plan is wine and cheese in the cottage before we pack up our meager belongings to head over to Wellington tomorrow morning.  Oh and good news... we received an email from Auckland customs and so the bags should be on their way to Laurence and Shailie's house in next few days - yay :-)