Zoo Day

Laurie was able to take a day off and so we waited till the boys woke up from naps and then headed out to the Wellington Zoo.  We had a perfect weather day as it has been unusually hot for 2 days and today was over-cast so the animals were all out and about.  I guess nobody else decided to risk it since rain was forecast so we almost had the place to ourselves.  The way the zoo is set up gives lots of opportunities to get close-up pics which is great when you have a 2 year old leading the way running from one animal to the next.  The Lion roaring was a highlight for sure as well as the giraffe came in for a close-encounter with Alex.  You'll have to excuse the graphic details in the monkey picture - Alex couldn't resist.  The Emu walking around the childrens play area is supposed to be there - against my better judgement ! Typical New Zealand laid back attitude = "Ah, it'll be fine".  Meanwhile I'm running guard between the kids and the 'beast'.  All good - Fun had by all. 

Today was our last day and we just went to the local coffee shop for lunch, Alex and Shailie did some computer work and we played in the kiddie pool again to cool off.  Laurie made a delicious ginger cake with coconut whip cream icing that was sooooo good and then we took some photos of all of us and kids before bedtime for the boys.  Tomorrow we head up to Auckland so next post will probably be in a few days or so. Hugs to all.