Ferry views and Fabulous Food

In the last few days we've taken the ferry quite a few times and each time we see more interesting sites and architecture. We were surprised to see some areas have changed drastically in the few years since we've been here.  Friday was 'Australia Day' so Enya and Brandon went downtown to hang out and see the fireworks and stay in a downtown hotel.  Alex and I went out for a tapas dinner and drinks with John and Bev at the small bistro and bar near their home.  We had a delicious meal (and fancy schmancy drinks) ... complete with sunset and of course the very best company :-)

On Saturday we went for a drive to the very wealthy area of Sydney called Hunters Hill.  It has wide boulevards and big trees and really remarkable heritage houses.  It's lifestyles of the rich and famous here for sure.  We enjoyed the waterfront patio and delicious fish and chips. (No photos from here sorry)

Alex and I then went downtown to meet up with Enya and Brandon and go for a walk around Barangaroo Reserve to Darling Harbour.  It was VERY hot and humid so we ended up in an air conditioned restaurant/pub where we ate and enjoyed great conversation together.  Love being able to travel with all of us and have real quality time together.