Taronga Zoo

Today we went to the zoo in Sydney which was the first time Brandon had ever been to a zoo ! This zoo is really impressive in the way they have built large and creative enclosures for the animals. 

Brandon enjoyed the chimpanzees because they had alot of character and the young ones were super funny hitting each other with a stick but then tackling each other playfully. One was running behind it's mum and then randomly did 3 somersaults behind her which was really silly. Brandon was really interested to see how human-like their behaviors actually are. 

The little spider monkeys put on a show for Enya and Brandon when they were able to take a walking tour inside their enclosure.  There were loads of these little monkeys and they were very active.

The tigers were very large and majestic and even when they were sleeping - they were truly beautiful.

A Cassowary is a big ostrich-like bird that Brandon describes as a 'huge dorky chicken' ! The pictures hopefully show how unique this creature is with a 'horn' type lump on top of it's head and brightly colored face.

'Chef' Bev and her several sous chefs made a delicious paella for dinner and we all thoroughly enjoyed it.