Cockatoo Island & Garden Party Lunch with family

Today was our last full day in Sydney before we head off to Hawks Nest.

Alex, Enya & Brandon decided to go to Cockatoo Island for some photography time in the early morning.  Cockatoo Island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  It played a pivotal role in Australia’s convict, shipbuilding and industrial history.  While the weather was overcast so not as perfect as they would have liked, they did get some interesting photos.

Meanwhile I stayed back and helped with the preparations as John and Bev arranged a wonderful garden party lunch with extended family that we had met on prior visits. They have a wonderful backyard and so John set the tables up so we could all eat outside and Bev once again headed us up in the kitchen and created a feast of quiches, chips, salads, etc... Everyone brought something to add to the menu so we had plenty of food, dessert and great company once again.  It was a beautiful afternoon and a special way to spend our last day in Sydney.  Of course, we are immensely thankful and happy here :-)