Seal Rocks, Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse and The Gibbers

We drove up the coast a little ways to Seal Rocks and while we did not come across any seals, we had a great time playing in the surf for a few hours as the sun decided to cooperate with us !  The waves were pretty good for body surfing and the tide left behind some interesting creatures to explore.
A pod of dolphins came into the bay while we were having lunch although we were pretty far uphill so we didn't get to see much more then fins.

Afterwards we headed over to Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse for a walk and view. Amazing landscape and pretty wild to think that someone lives here as the caretaker.  They do rent it out for several hundred $ a night if you want to experience the coast this way.  The tide was coming in and there was a really steep sided crevice that the water was being forced through so that had all of us 'oh-ing and aw-ing' for awhile.

Today we had a slow start and then headed out to The Gibbers sand dunes.  This was a good thing to do today since it was cooler weather but still nice enough for a walk.  The dunes are incredibly huge and are moving at such a fast pace that the car park had to be changed since it is now nearly under sand.  It can be hard to get your bearings when there are sand hills on every side, but I remembered that I had a compass app on my cell phone so then I was ok with it.  See if you can spot Enya and Brandon in the panoramic photo !

This afternoon we just took a walk along Jimmy's beach and are relaxing at the cottage since Enya and Brandon have to leave again tomorrow.  We have another 2 days then we will go back to Sydney before flying home as well.